The Know Your VendorTM solution offers you Vendor Screening, Reputational Due Diligence, and Enhanced Due Diligence on third parties. Our Vendor Management System utilises the most recent technologies to monitor your vendors, and encrypted system, thus, our Know Your VendorTM solution would make your due diligence reliable, practical, and secure.


Using third-party service providers has become a necessity  for growing your business. However, the necessity comes with risks as your company’s’ reputation and success are tied to the performance of your vendors. The more vendors in your company’s supply chains, the bigger the risks. To mitigate the risks, it is your company’s obligation to scrutinize your future business partners’ backgrounds.

Know Your VendorTM solution offers you due diligence service on third parties. Our staff and analysts use different methodologies for conducting due diligence, depending on your company’s’ requirements. Using old-fashioned tools to manage your vendors can be tedious and unreliable, primarily if your company has numerous vendors.

The Know Your VendorTM solution provides you with a Vendor Management System, the most recent technologies to monitor your vendors, and an encrypted system which ensures your due diligence runs safely, is less tedious and is more reliable. For more information visit