Employment Background Screening

A background screening service safeguards your company from risks related to bad hires. Through our proprietary screening platform, PRISMA, you can manage and overview screenings to obtain real-time reports and check on historical data. Our service covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other regions in Southeast Asia.


While employees are assets for a company, hiring the right employees is a daunting task nowadays. A survey has found that 58% employers would catch a lie on the resumes they receive*. Hiring the wrong candidates can be very expensive and brings adverse consequences for your company. Therefore, your company should be well-informed about candidates’ backgrounds prior to making decision to hire them.

Screening Asia provides you with a pre-employment background check service through our proprietary screening platform, PRISMA. Our well-trained office screeners will collect information through desktop checks, phone calls and field visits to verify your candidates’ educational background, employment history, reference check, andmore.

All of the information is immediately recorded in PRISMA. With a friendly-user interface and secure system, PRISMA enables you to manage and overview screenings, obtain real-time reports and check on historical data.